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Experience in action.

Know-how, expertise and ability, building a company that thrives on regional agricultural opportunities and dynamics.

Ceibos Group evolves from a family undertaking that in the early 90s focused on the administration of its own and third-party lands and through land rental management in Argentina, to then expanded to Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay starting in 2003.


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Focus and Evolution.

The Ceibos Group team combines operating, business, financial, and administrative experience highly geared to results. Their focus is on administering their own land, transforming acquisitions into maximized production units, and on using these capabilities for optimizing leased land management.

Geographic distribution and cyclical opportunities in the markets and among the different countries are fully exploited by a flexible, cross-functional team, capable of managing an extensive geographic area and applying a culture of ongoing efficiency and development.

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Method and Sustainability.

Ceibos Group’s strategy is based on its vision of trends for a future 15-year period, with an annual review of 5-year plans based on this view. Its extensive farming, irrigation, seed-production, milk production, livestock, and forestry activities are geared to projected results helping the group achieve great consistency over time. Part of the strategy consists in aligning all team members with a genuine culture of sustainability, enterprising spirit, extensive delegation, and strong ties to the community.