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The group’s strategy is to position itself at the forefront of agriculture in one of the most dynamic regions and demanded industries in terms of projected growth and world food security needs.

Activities 2

Increase in food consumption of China's Urban population

Our multi-annual plans –which we update continuously— focus on the identification of long-term trends in growth-driven demand in Africa, Asia and Latin America, on urbanization as a change and on the intensification of diets and the rationalization of production practices to optimize unit costs within continuous improvement in sustainability.

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Activities 3

We strive to identify value in agricultural properties within the region so as to decide when and if to get in and out. We develop and follow a best-practice protocol to transform low productivity lands and operate them optimizing activities and market risk. We apply the same practices to our rental management pool.

Activities 3.1


We focus on the production of annual crops such as wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, and soybeans. We produce with full awareness of soil conservation in every environment, following the best management practices for each region and with the goal of engaging in a sustainable long term activity.


Our livestock models are based on the full-cycle approach, cow/calf and fattening our own production. In zones with good synergy with agriculture, where interaction maximizes both processes. We use a livestock traceability system aimed at supplying both domestic and external demand as per required quality standards.

Milk Production

Our emphasis is not only on production risks but also on market risk management. Diversification of activities, arbitrage of futures spreads, product differentials, and exchange rate differentials are some of the tools.